The Valdres Express will start departures to and from Oslo Airport on 1 July.

From 1 July, JVB AS will reopen the well-known route from Valdres to Oslo Airport, Gardermoen. The route runs between Oslo Airport, Dokka, Fagernes, Beitostølen. This summer, departures will be available on Fridays and Sundays. On Sundays you can travel all the way from Gjendesheim via Beitostølen to Oslo Airport.  


There will be one departure on Fridays and one on Sundays.
Departure at Beitostølen at 10:45 with arrival Gardermoen at 14:21.
Return the same day at 17:20 with arrival Fagernes at. 20:20 and Beitostølen at 21:02.

See for stops and tickets.

“It is good news and a sure sign that the world, at least our small bus world, is normalizing after covid-19”, says Helge Kvame, CEO of JVB AS.

Bus tickets can be purchased via Here you can order a ticket for all the routes JVB AS runs.