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Valdres terminal 

With our own distribution route and in collaboration with Fagernes Skysstasjon, Bring Cargo and bus routes to and from Valdres, we can offer a competitive offer for goods distribution in Valdres. We have our own freight terminal at Spikarmoen by Fagernes.


Valdres Transport has a Scania with a hook lift for transporting larger objects and containers.

Contact us by e-mail [email protected] or telephone 91111119 for more info.


For questions about delivery / delivery of goods for Bring Cargo, Bring home delivery and Bring before 7, contact tel. 99208070.


Helge Kvame 


+47 91 11 11 14

Camilla Nyseth

Office, invoice, etc

+47 91 11 11 13

Ken Engen 

Distribution / terminal

+47 99 20 80 70