JVB into the future!

After a long and thorough process, JVB proudly presents its new visual identity. The new visual identity is built on the entire history of JVB and will bring the company forward to become a key player for experiences in Valdres and Jotunheimen. 

New visual identity

With pride and joy, JVB today presents its new visual profile. It is not commonplace to change logos, colors and many other elements for a company with such long traditions.

The project with the new visual identity has been going on for over a year. There have been long and thorough working meetings about the company’s values ​​and visions, and how the company with its long history can develop into an important player also in the future, sustainable tourism. The result was a new logo, font and a number of graphic elements built on the group’s history. These will lead as a safe and modern guide, to and from “adventurous” experiences in Jotunheimen and Valdres.

«JVB has for the last seven years been through one of its most difficult periods in over 100 years. We have lost all public school and local bus services, and the Korona pandemic has also made it extremely demanding to operate in commercial passenger transport “, says CEO Helge Kvame. “But, we have used the time well, and much thanks to a solid grant from Innovation Norway, I am today proud and happy that JVB is using a new visual identity. The new visual identity shows and clarifies that the company is developing towards a future tourism company, where the focus is on passenger transport and experience production ».

Hilde Tveiten Døvre, general manager of Valdres Næringshage and board member of AS Jotunheimen and Valdresruten Bilselskap states: “The new identity of JVB points forward to a new era, at the same time as it brings elements from the long and proud history of the company.”

The design agency Krible in Lillehammer has developed the new visual identity. Project manager Caroline Bræin Klette states: “It was with a certain awe that we embarked on the process of giving JVB a new identity. The company’s long history has made JVB a very important player in the local community and in the region. On the company’s way forward, we wanted history to continue to have its place, albeit in interaction with the development the company is facing. JVB has given us a very free framework in the creative expression, and we have had many good discussions along the way. It takes courage to let go of the reins of a well-established and established brand, and let it have a new life. The new identity is a result of new and old, nature and transport and not least trips and experiences. It supports the company’s professionalism, and highlights JVB as a solid player in several areas. “

The new visual identity will be launched on June 8 on all digital platforms and will eventually also be visible on buses, trucks, boats, tracked vehicles and other physical elements in the JVB Group.

About JVB

AS Jotunheimen and Valdresruten Bilselskaper a company with over 100 years of tradition, which has had a significant impact on the development of Valdres.
Today, the company is structured in a group model with companies that handle different tasks. The group operates the Valdresekspressen and Øst-Vestekspressen express buses, the tracked vehicles from Tyin to Eidsbugarden, the boat M / B Bitihorn, a separate workshop and transport services for goods. JVB Tur AS takes care of the turbo traffic and JVB Travel AS works with incoming holidays and leisure markets.


CEO: Helge Kvame – Tlf. 91 11 11 14

Director of Sales, Marketing and Tourism: Georg Sichelschmidt – Tlf. 91 11 11 33