M/B Bitihorn are ready for a new season! 

M/B Bitihorn is launched

Many have been waiting for a higher water level at Bygdinvannet this year. M/B Bitihorn has been patient at the pier at Bygdin a little longer than usual, but today, exactly at 10PM, the Bygdin boat was launched, and is ready for the new summer season.



Finaly enough water

Captain Magnus Kvame is pleased to finally be able to sail mountain people inland to Jotunheimen.

M / B Bitihorn has sailed every summer since 1912, with only one stay during World War II. Since then, thousands of mountain-loving people have moved into Jotunheimen. The boat calls at Bygdin, Torfinnsbu and Eidsbugarden, all of which are great starting points for experiences in the mountains. M/B Bitihorn operates daily in the 2022 season until mid-September.

“It pays to be out early with ticket purchases, to be guaranteed a place on the boat this summer”, concludes captain Magnus Kvame.

About JVB

AS Jotunheimen and Valdresruten Bilselskaper a company with over 100 years of tradition, which has had a significant impact on the development of Valdres.
Today, the company is structured in a group model with companies that handle different tasks. The group operates the Valdresekspressen and Øst-Vestekspressen express buses, the tracked vehicles from Tyin to Eidsbugarden, the boat M / B Bitihorn, a separate workshop and transport services for goods. JVB Tur AS takes care of the turbo traffic and JVB Travel AS works with incoming holidays and leisure markets.


CEO: Helge Kvame – Tlf. 91 11 11 14

Director of Sales, Marketing and Tourism: Georg Sichelschmidt – Tlf. 91 11 11 33