Foto: Visit Drøbak

Drøbak, Oslo and Oscarsborg

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We start the day early, and we are given coffee and a bowl that you can enjoy on the bus.
The trip goes to the Oslo Fjord, where we will experience Drøbak, a charismatic southern idyll with a lot of life,
on the eastern shore of the fjord. The town is known for cozy wooden houses, boating and summer fun! Here
there will be lunch, some shopping and exploration of the city. If desired, we can take the ferry back to
Oslo and bus on home, or stop by Oscarsborg for a guided tour *

Day 1: We spend the day in Drøbak!
Lunch will be at the venerable Skipperstuen. We then wander around the city and look in shops.

Day 2: Drøbak-Oslo: Ferry trip!
Ferry from Drøbak across the beautiful Oslofjord to Oslo. We sit back and enjoy the fresh sea air and
the view of the fjord and all the pearls by the shores. We eat lunch in Oslo or Drøbak.

Day 3. Drøbak-Oscarsborg-Drøbak: Oscarsborg!
On this trip, the main focus is on experiencing Oscarsborg. The cozy ferry takes us over to the island and we get a guided tour, before we take the trip back.