Q & A

Can I bring my dog?
Yes, dogs are allowed. Dogs pay NOK 100,-.

Are the snow coaches heated?
Yes, normally the snow coaches have comfortable temperatures inside. However, we recommend you to have warm clothing and winter shoes in case of very cold or bad weather conditions.

Do I have to strap my skis?
We highly appreciate it. Ski bags are the best, both for your skis and our snow coach drivers.

Can I bring boxes (with food etc.)?
Yes, we try to accomodate all types of luggage but please make sure all items are tight. Delicate items like vegetables, flowers and other items that can not be left in the cold must be packed together with your personal items and kept inside the snow coach. We highly recommend to pack in duffel bags.

Can I pay with credit card?
Yes, you can.

Where do we park?
Our immediate neighbour is a large parking lot. Please find more information regarding parking on this site.

When do we need to check in?
You must meet at the starting point with all of your luggage and ready to board at least 15 minutes prior to departure. If you know you will have to change or put on more clothes, pack your bags or similar, please add necessary time in your plans.

Are there toilets and waiting room at Tyin?
Unfortunately not yet. There are no facilities at Tyin. The closest facilities is at Tyinkrysset Fjellstue (4km/2,5mi).

Do you drive across the lake?
No, the snow coach trail generally follows the summer road. Any deviations are always on firm land.