Snowcoach Luggage Transport


You can send your luggage with the snow coaches if you would like to ski without a big backpack. Find information and instructions here.

How to send luggage with our snow coaches

1. Make sure the snow coach runs
The snow coaches only run departures which have bookings from other passengers. To make sure the snow coach route you would like to send your luggage with runs, please
ask where you buy the luggage tag or call the snow coach operator directly at +47 911 11 103 (no text message!).

2. Buy a luggage tag
Luggage tags can be bought at Eidsbugarden Hotel, Fondsbu or with one of the snow coach drivers.
When you buy a luggage tag you also accept our terms and conditions which you can find on this page.

3. Mark the destination, name and number
Put a cross in the correct box to mark the desired destination for the luggage. Please also write your name and phone number on the tag.

4. Attach the tag to your luggage
Attach the tag to your luggage on a highly visible location.

5. Luggage drop off locations
At Tyin and Fondsbu: Put your luggage at the sign “Luggage transport”.
At Eidsbugarden Hotel and Tyinholmen: Put your luggage outside the main entrance.

6. Notify the snow coach operator
Make sure the luggage tag seller or your self books the luggage transport with the snow coach operator on phone +47 911 11 103 (no text message!).
The booking can be made directly in step 1.

7. Pick up your luggage
At Fondsbu and Tyin: You will find your luggage at the sign “Luggage transport”.
At Eidsbugarden Hotel and Tyinholmen: You will find your luggage outside the main entrance.

Terms and conditions

1. Drop off
The luggage must be dropped off according to the instructions at least 15 minutes before departure. The luggage tag must be visible without the need to move or lift the luggage. The luggage transport must be booked directly to the snow coach operator. Notification with text message (SMS) is not possible.

2. Delivery
The delivery is considered done when the luggage is placed on the dropoff location at the destination according to the luggage tag information.
We reserve the right to refuse delivery under extraordinary conditions like, but not limited to; severe weather conditions, technical failures, natural disasters and so on.

3. What can we send?
We transport all regular luggage like backpacks, bags, briefcases, boxes, skis, ski bags and so on.
We reserve the right to charge payment for extra luggage if two or more items are clearly tied, strapped or in any other way put together to appear as one item.
Exempt for this rule is ski equipment that can fit in one ski bag or a pair of skis with poles that are tied together as one item.

We can not transport hazardous goods like, but not limited to, gasoline, diesel, propane and so on.

Maximum weight of each item is 25kg.

4. Transport service
Luggage transport service is offered on the snow coaches scheduled departures. JVB is not commited to supply the service and can refuse the service if there is not available space on the snow coaches, the luggage is dropped off at a wrong location,
the luggage is delayed or dropped off after the deadline. Luggage transport is only serviced on the snow coach departures which have bookings from other passengers. Luggage transport can be serviced on all departures if the customer pays the minimum tour price according to the current price list.

5. Price
Luggage transport cost NOK 100,- incl. VAT per item. The price is valid for one leg for each luggage tag.

6. Definitions

Item: One item, ie. a backpack, bag or briefcase.
Leg: One leg is either from Tyin to Eidsbugarden Hotel, Fondsbu or Tyinholmen, or from either Eidsbugarden Hotel, Fondsbu or Tyinholmen to Tyin.
On board: The luggage is considered on board from the moment the driver starts loading the luggage to the moment where the luggage is placed on the dropoff location at the destination.
Delay: More than 1 hour later than scheduled arrival.

7. Compensation for loss, damage or delay
We take responsibility of the luggage during the time the luggage is on board one of our snow coaches. Compensation is not paid for loss of or damage to the luggage that happends when the luggage is not on board.
Hence this, the luggage is stored at ny pickup/dropoff location at your own risk.

Compensation for delays is limited to the value of the luggage transport. Delays caused by circumstances described in section 2 is not compensated.

Q & A

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Information and map

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