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Busses to Norsk Rakfiskfestival

We drive you to Norsk Rakfiskfestival at Fagernes from many of the popular destinations around in Valdres. We also have busses going from Oslo, Lillehammer – Gjøvik and Golsfjellet. See timetables to the different destinations/routes under. All tickets are sold at nor-way-no.



Golsfjellet – Tisleidalen


Tyinkrysset – Ryfoss

Vestringsbygda – Aurdal

Danebu – Fjellparken

Oslo – Bagn – Aurdal

Lillehammer – Gjøvik

Visitors in “Rakfiskløypa”. Photo: Norsk rakfiskfestival

Judges smells and tastes rakfisk to find this years winner. Photo: Norsk rakfiskfestival

Music and conserts are altso a big part of Rakfiksfestivalen. Photo: Norsk rakfiskfestival