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For our suppliers

All companies in the JVB group are registered in the ELMA register and can receive invoices in EHF format. It is our preferred format in terms of receiving invoices from our suppliers.

Organization numbers:

A/S Jotunheimen og Valdresruten Bilselskap

945 968 915


971 588 535

Fagernes Verkstedsenter AS

920 127 347

JVB Travel AS

921 093 527

JVB Eiendom AS

813 239 132

Valdres Transport AS

991 403 019

Alternative to EHF format

Alternatively, we can receive invoices by email in pdf format as follows:

  • All companies have a common invoice reception [email protected].
  • The exception is Fagernes Verkstedsenter AS which has [email protected]
  • Please do not send invoices directly to any of our employees’ email addresses.